Business Incentives

The City of Burbank seeks to advance sustainable job growth and enhance commercial activity through business incentives and special resources for Burbank-based businesses. For a comparison of Burbank vs. Los Angeles, please click here.

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Business Incentives
Why Choose Burbank

The City of Burbank is dedicated to the well-being of its businesses, and offers a variety of programs to help businesses succeed:

Business Concierge Services
Economic Development works as a liaison between businesses, developers, and City Staff providing assistance with the entitlement process, permit facilitation, and site selection. Whether you are existing business that is looking to expand or a new business coming to the City, our team is here to help!

Business Visitation Program
The City of Burbank, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, initiates business visits with various industry sectors to build relationships with the business community and ensure that businesses are satisfied with City services. Business visits also allow staff to identify and address areas for improvement and provide assistance with expansion and relocation efforts.

Welcome to Burbank Program
The Welcome to Burbank Program is an opportunity to introduce new businesses to the resources and programs that the City of Burbank and the Burbank Chamber of Commerce offer. New businesses in the City are sent a “welcome” certificate and a letter with information regarding business resources and contact information for business services. A partner to the City of Burbank, The Burbank Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for businesses offering a ribbon-cutting ceremony to help celebrate your success along with networking opportunities to help your business grow.

Burbank Chamber of Commerce Economic Alliance Partnership
Through its Economic Alliance, The Burbank Chamber is pleased to offer new businesses with up to 25 employees a complimentary one-year membership to the Burbank Chamber of Commerce. For more information on how to become a member please visit

Burbank Water and Power ONE Burbank high-speed fiber optic network, rebate program
Burbank Water And Power

ONE Burbank
ONE Burbank High-Speed Fiber Optics Network is available to businesses through Burbank Water and Power. It offers ultra-high-speed bandwidth internet connection with industry-leading customer service and value. For a list of services offered, please click here.

Interested in what customers are saying about ONE Burbank? Click here for recent testimonials.

Rebate Program
Burbank Water and Power offers numerous rebates and incentives towards LEED Certification, energy solutions, and turf replacement to name a few. For a full list of residential and commercial rebates available, click here.

Business incentives in Los Angeles County and California
Los Angeles County And California

Los Angeles County's Economic Development
Connecting businesses to County services and resources, for more information on LA County resources, click here.  Access to their GIS Platform can be found both through the main website, or by clicking here.

Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC)
The LA County Business Incentives Guide provides details on all 88 cities as well as the county, for a full list of incentives available, click here.

State of California
Offering  a variety of incentive programs to encourage business development in California, for a full list of those incentives available, click here.

South Coast AQMD
Providing incentives and programs for the business community including small business assistance for regulatory requirements and financial incentives for implementing cleaner technologies, click here.

The City of Burbank seeks to advance sustainable job growth and enhance commercial activity through business incentives and special resources for Burbank-based businesses. For more information on business incentives or resources, please contact us at 818.238.5198 or